Trans-Balkan Medical Seminar

Trans-Balkan Medical Seminar


An atoxic treatment modality

against cancer


This interesting medical seminar took place in June 20th, 2017.


The venue of the seminar was the City Hall of Thessaloniki.

The Faculty

Prof. Andras Szasz from Budapest is the inventor of oncothermia, the modern anti-cancer and immuno-supportive hyperthermia.

Dr. Alfred Barich is the president of the Hellenic Society of Integrative Oncology. HellSIO promotes all innovative, evidence based approaches for treating cancer patients in a humane and personalized manner.

Dr Zoran Hristovski, founder of BIOMED Aid Ltd. This company offers trans-Balkan personalized medical and advocacy services to cancer patients.

What was it all about?

It was about cancer treatment. Cancer is a complex and multi-facetted disease that cannot be fought with simple methods. The treatment of cancer has always been an interesting and intriguing medical topic; it remains open to innovation, despite the many achievements attained so far. Several treatment modalities need to be considered in clinical practice, always within the scope of scientifically proven knowledge. Oncothermia, being both curative and synergistic with all other treatment modalities, is central to integrative and personalized treatment.

Who was the organizer?

HellSIO, Our medical society, the Hellenic Society for Integrative Oncology (HellSIO), is devoted to helping health professionals understand complexity of malignancy and, with the benefit of their patients in mind, adopt scientifically proven, personalized, multi-modality approaches in treating cancer rather, than keep using simplistic, rigid protocols.

Hellenic Society for Integrative OncologyWhat modalities can be used in treating cancer?

Many proven modalities exist today, some toxic and others less or non-toxic. In this particular one day seminar the focus will be on the basic concepts of thermotherapy of canceroncothermia is an atoxic, cancer killing, immunostimulatory, natural cancer treatment, that is painless and without adverse effects.

(Video demonstration at the bottom of page)

What was the occasion?

ESHO 2017 pre-congress activity. The seminar is a pre-congress activity, in connection to the ESHO 2017 congress. This is the annual European Congress on Hyperthermic Oncology, that was held in Athens, in June 21-23, 2017 (for detailed information, please, refer to ESHO 2017 webpage). Highly experienced faculty presented this innovative, personalized cancer treatment, first in Thessaloniki (pre-congress) and then in Athens, and became available to answer questions. It was a great opportunity for our colleagues from neighboring countries to join us, contribute their views and discuss their concerns.

ESHO 2017The hosting city: Thessaloniki

The city of Thessaloniki does not need any special introduction to our distinguished colleagues from the Balkan region. Most of them have been spending their leisure time here and in Halkidiki since long, and are familiar with its historical and religious attractions, the shopping opportunities, the beautiful waterfront, the excellent food and, above all, our hospitality.

The president of HellSIO, Dr Alfred Barich, and the president of the organizing committee of ESHO 2017, Dr Aias-Theodoros Papastavrou personally welcomed our guests in Thessaloniki.


Under the auspices of:

HSOH, Hellenic Society of Oncologic Hyperthermia

Hellenic Society of Oncologic HyperthermiaThe Mayor of Thessaloniki, Mr Giannis Boutaris

Municipality of ThessalonikiSponsored by:

Onco-Hyperthermia SA, Medical Devices

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